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The phrase "nothing ventured - nothing gained," as old as mankind, but it is suitable for those who knows your capabilities and desires. To begin with, that you can first try your hand at free online casino. Here, all as in the real world for real money casino games: roulette, blackjack, video poker, slot machines and other rare, but intriguing virtual machines. In other words - you can visit free online casinos, but here you have nothing to lose, except for virtual money, the amount of which is unlimited.

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The random generator is the heart of a casino gaming machine. Many players do know that a computer chip generates the numbers, but they do not fully understand, which casino principle it follows. From this uncertainty, there may be many misunderstandings associated. A common misjudgment is most common among other things, that such a device  "cycle" strictly follow - and accordingly, a casino player can't find exactly the match which wins.


1 - Be disciplined

Discipline is a major, if not decisive in poker, but again, it is found in any field. You have to be constant, that is to say regular. It is better to train on the long term and weighted in a way that in a short period too intensely. Experience is essential. The more you play, the more you learn.

In addition, the discipline also implies a great self-control. You have to control, know their strengths but also its limitations. If you feel in a game that fatigue overcomes you, or whether you feel that you are irritable, angry, better stop immediately. Feel free to leave the party. Remember that if you are vulnerable, your opponent will feel it and hesitate to push you to your limits. So learn to play poker is to know when to stop.

In addition, this moment of weakness can make you become uncomfortable, nervous and aggressive. Remember that poker is also learn to respect his opponents. There is a strong moral code in this game and we measure the good players have that ability they always keep in mind. It must also know, before you even start a game or tournament, how much money you have. You must start a game if you have the means to follow. It is for you to evaluate according to your cash flow.

We absolutely must not spend more than the famous line of 5% of your capital. Spending more is to first take the risk of endangering his life financially every day, but also make you nervous about the fear of losing the money you need to live.

The best and smartest is to reserve a certain amount of money just for poker. Earlier this month, for example, you set a definite amount. Some players even advised open a bank account reserved for one party to their passion.

2 - Know how to count

If you have a good memory, deduction and you are not too bad math, it is undeniable that this is an advantage in your tactics of the game without going to special math, but a sharp mind is a quality. There are probabilities poker it is good to know and master.

In addition, depending on what you have on hand and there on the flop and your opponent's reaction, it is possible to imagine the game the players around you. Of course, the people are bound to muddy the waters by trying the bluff, and this is where what we think is critical, the psychological sphere of the game