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The phrase "nothing ventured - nothing gained," as old as mankind, but it is suitable for those who knows your capabilities and desires. To begin with, that you can first try your hand at free online casino. Here, all as in the real world for real money casino games: roulette, blackjack, video poker, slot machines and other rare, but intriguing virtual machines. In other words - you can visit free online casinos, but here you have nothing to lose, except for virtual money, the amount of which is unlimited.

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The random generator is the heart of a casino gaming machine. Many players do know that a computer chip generates the numbers, but they do not fully understand, which casino principle it follows. From this uncertainty, there may be many misunderstandings associated. A common misjudgment is most common among other things, that such a device  "cycle" strictly follow - and accordingly, a casino player can't find exactly the match which wins.


Americas bingo best marketer turned out to be by Edwin S. Lowe, called peddler, who saw the bingo for the first time in Atlanta in 1929. Bingo was played at that time in tents, which were usually full to overflowing. Lowe fell in love bingo, and saw its potential and took the game with the New York City.

New York, Lowe introduced the bingo friends and noticed right away how excited they were. At the same sissy Bingo got its present name is also a fun chance result. One player came to winning the so blessed out, and pasmoissaan went crazy, and then screamed "Beano" instead of "Bingo". Lowe was fascinated by the name, and Bingo was born.

Bingo soon became a popular game is also for charity collections carried out in context. Pennsylvania priest in Wilkes-Barre was the first attraction of bingo, and presented it to his congregation.

Soon, the bingo was spread throughout the country approved by the Church as a game of money, when money was collected for charity. Today, bingo is the most popular game in the world in connection with various collections.

Bingo is one of the most popular games in Brazil. He actually fell in like the Brazilians, they play Bingo in specialized areas, which met the guys to play at home or in the festivities. That is, until 2004, when a Provisional banned gambling in the country, including bingo and slot machines.

The game of Bingo is to draw a random sequence of numbers that add cards numbered. The player who can complete a card first wins. The rules are simple and the game is democratic, can entertain as many people at the same time and at any age. Perhaps the simplicity of Bingo is responsible for its popularity worldwide.

Its origin is controversial, but there are strong indications that Bingo has arisen from the sixteenth century Italian lottery called "Lo del Lotto D'Italia". Bingo came from the variation of this game mode in both Italian and pleased that soon spread to France, Germany and the United States. In America was named "Beano".

Edwin Lowe, a resident of New York, renamed the game, after he overheard someone yelling "Bingo" instead of "Beano" at a time of award. He was so enchanted with Bingo, which continued to promote the sport. A priest from Pennsylvania asked him to organize a game to raise funds for your church. Since then, Bingo has become a family game, democratic and fun, making it one of the most well known games around the world.